The builders of Casa Big Sur believed in working within the framework of the natural environment as much as possible. To this extent Casa Big Sur incorporated several sustainable features during site development to not only help offset construction damage, but also to embrace the stunning architecture and meld it within the existing landform and rainforest.

Casa Big Sur was skillfully designed to fit into the existing contours of the land to minimize impact to the fertile soil and to help prevent unwanted erosion. This allows for every room in the house to have panoramic views of the Ballena Coast from sunrise to sunset. This also created the perfect opportunity for the infinity edge pool to look as though it is an extension of the Pacific Ocean right at your doorstep.

During the construction process numerous existing trees and shrubs were intentionally protected and untouched. Native species were then added to help revegetate the area resulting in lush landscaping and beautiful gardens. Open cell concrete pavers where utilized in the driveway to allow for additional low groundcover plantings. These pervious pavers allow water to percolate into the soil to recharge the underground aquifers while simultaneously helping to prevent runoff and erosion. The green pavers also help to reduce the heat island effect that a typical driveway would produce.

By protecting a large portion of the existing landscaping coupled with the use of additional native plant material, Casa Big Sur has preserved the existing bio-diversity on site as well. Over time, as the landscaping grows and matures, this bio-diversity will continue to thrive resulting in daily visits by toucans, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, butterflies and the occasional troupe of howler or white faced monkeys. Additionally this landscaping is beautifully lit at night by low voltage lighting to create playful accents of light and shadow while being as unobtrusive as possible.

The builders of Casa Big Sur also decided to retain and treat household wastewater onsite to minimize Casa Big Sur’s impact to the environment and to its neighbors. To facilitate this, a bio-remediation field was designed and installed under the landscaping on the grounds below the house. This bio-remediation field not only treats and cleanses the household wastewater but it allows further percolation of precious water back into the natural environment.