Element Reiki & Yoga by Victoria

Reiki promotes healing physically, mentally & spiritually so that you may be able to give & receive love easily & joyfully while attracting amazing people who do the same!

For Your Mind

LEARN TO... Change your MIND & create your own reality so that you can genuinely love and accept yourself exactly as You are!

For Your Body

LEARN TO... Be sincerely Happy in your own skin while your BODY becomes more Fit & Healthy allowing you to only compare yourself to YOUR best self!

For Your Soul

LEARN TO... Trust your wisdom and know that it always guides you to the right decision by discovering how to truly connect to your Inner being and SOUL!

I have been practicing yoga for 15 years and performing Reiki ~ Energy Healing ~ Coaching for 20 years. I am inspired to share both Transformational Healing Yoga (A combination of 5 yoga practices activat- ing inner source resources through postures, breath, vibration & mantras) & Ashtanga Power Yoga (Synchronized breathing & postures which produce an intense internal heat that detoxifies the body).

By integrating 34 years experience in Martial Arts training (including a Blackbelt) with 15 years of Yoga practice, 20 years as a Reiki Healing Practitioner/Teacher & 20 years RN experience, I have been able to refine & develop a well-rounded approach to the healing & growth of the Mind, Body & Soul.

Group Yoga sessions , Healing Workshops and Retreats available Private Healing & Yoga sessions also available

Phone: 8876-7487
Website: www.elementreiki.com
E-mail: elementreiki@yahoo.com

I look forward to meeting you!